I finished the first draft of my new story, The Sacrifice, Thursday night. Writing a satisfying ending is almost as fun as writing a great first scene.

There’s a reason why it’s important to let a recently completed manuscript sit for a few days before beginning the first round of revisions.


Yes, part of it is to allow for enough time to revisit the story and characters with fresh eyes but it’s also to take care of all of those little details of life you’ve let slide while writing.

So today, I’ll be cleaning my house. Probably tomorrow and the next day too. The physical activity will feel good. Accomplishing a project in hours rather than the months it takes to create a manuscript.

With my house all sparkly, I’ll sit down with the printed mansucript, a red pen, and a pile of sticky notes. Scissors and tape will be on hand for those scenes that need to be cut and spliced and moved around, and for the next few days the little details of life will once again be put on hold.

I love this process.

It’s all better with friends.

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