I’m glad you’re here. You make me feel like I’ve done something right.

I write crime fiction: a huge category that encompasses everything from traditional who-dunits to police procedurals to noir to suspense and thrillers. Then there are sub-genres: medical, legal, international, psychological, and on and on.

For a long time I didn’t understand why my stories were referred to as ‘thrillers.’ I always felt they were more on the suspense side of things, and then I read this description from David Corbett:

… thrillers are typically the most emotional, focusing on the fear, doubt and dread of the hero as she faces some form of what Dean Koontz has deemed ‘terrible trouble.’

While I often have pieces of the plot with underlying elements that mean something to me (usually a relevant social issue), it’s the characters that drive the story, who make it worth reading. It’s emotion and connection that has always kept me turning the page, and it’s emotion and connection that keeps me writing.

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This one was a winner. It was exciting. It was filled with intrigue and strong, strong characters. I loved the Mex character and the tragic past coupled with Cade and her rather interesting background. I loved twists of the plot and the focus on the Voodoo and Catholicism angle. It you like thriller's service up at a million miles an hour this one is for you. Buy. Read and enjoy the hectic pace and the thrilling ride.

This book just blew me away. I am really enjoying the mystery/thrillers I had gotten and this one was not a disappointment. The who, what, where, when, why. and how questions were answered in so many different ways along with many twists and turns on the road. I think there were also some backtracks as well. But the story line was awesome. The balance of learning about the characters past and their present was done in such a way that it helped you to understand can care more about them. You became part of the story not just on the sideline watching. I look forward too more books from Peg Brantley.

What a great mystery! I loved every minute of my read and couldn't put it down. I will definitely be reading more of Peg Brantley books.

Wow, what a book. Good read, emotional, eye opening, very well written!!!!! I highly recommend reading this book. Page turner!

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About Peg Brantley

I worked in Corporate America for years, but when my bonus son had a stroke at a very early age, I happened to have a home-based business. The upside was that I could focus my attention where it was needed—on Jeff—the downside was that my business tanked.

After a couple of years it dawned on me that since I was home all the time anyway, maybe this was the perfect opportunity to write a book. After all, I read a lot… how hard could it be?

Many years, and countless failed attempts later (the proverbial novels in a drawer), Red Tide was finally ready to meet readers. Jeff is fine now, living independently in Nevada, so it’s easy to say that It took a negative family event for me to find my passion.

Since that first book I’ve researched, studied, taken courses, and conducted interviews with all sorts of professionals. I’ve appeared on panels and given workshops on writing. It’s a game that never gets old, and I’m profoundly glad to get to play.