Before I started writing this story, I made a list of things that I had an interest in—things that scared me a little but intrigued me—and I kept going back to ‘human trafficking.’

The research for this story about buried me. Not only was there a lot of material, it was horrific. While I write fiction, and can tell it the way I want to tell it, what I was reading was real and not the way anyone wants it. I thought of these enslaved people and the heroes who never stop fighting to free them, and it was almost more than I could bear.

If you’re looking for a hero, you don’t have to look any farther than your local police department or social agency with a trafficking outreach. I honestly don’t know how they do it, day in and day out.


What People Are Saying…

Peg Brantley’s TRAFFICKED is a heartbreaker, a thriller, and a hair-raising education, all at once. I wish I hadn’t already read it, so I could read it for the first time again.Timothy Hallinan, author of the Junior Bender and Poke Rafferty crime novels
The scourge of human trafficking is worldwide; yet, most Americans clutch the idea that it couldn’t possibly exist here. Peg Brantley’s chillingly honest, gritty novel moves readers to empathize with lives shattered by modern-day slavery. Through an accessible, awareness-raising narrative, Brantley spotlights a foul, hidden human crisis. In Americans’ own back yard, not only can trafficking happen, it does. Susanne E. Jalbert, Ph.D., Activist
With TRAFFICKED, Peg Brantley has crafted a thriller that’s as moving as it is suspenseful. Beautifully written, and a vivid wake-up call about the reality of sex traffic here in the US. Highly recommended.  Dennis Palumbo, author of the Daniel Rinaldi Mysteries

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