Random Thoughts

In no particular order, here are some thoughts I have tonight about writing, reading, and especially about my newest story:

The moments when the words pour out perfectly describing the character, the scene, the energy, the emotion, the force, the whatever, are rare. They’re also the drug that keeps me going back for more.

I’ve fallen in love with the three young girls in my book. They’re too big and real and wonderful not to at least be mentioned in the next story from Mex and Cade and crew. Knowing that I’ll find out what happens to them next makes it easier for me to let them go for now.

It can be incredibly hard to take what’s in your mind (that movie screen we all have), and what’s in your gut, and put it on the page.

One of the markers for me that I’m reading a great story? I’m compelled to stop everything else in my life and find a quiet place to just read. OR (and this is a little weird) keep reading while I’m watching a “must-see” on television. I’ll mute the TV during the commercials and read.

If an editor is doing his or her job, I’m being pushed to perform. The lazy bit I didn’t write? Well, it’s time to address it.

I can come up with the most amazing excuses to procrastinate when the drug mentioned above wears off and my editor is pushing. Cleaning out the fridge or pantry? Done that. Clean bird feeders? Yep. Play one more game of Spider or Free Cell? Oh, yeah.

I’m close to sending my revisions back to my editor so tomorrow I think I’ll switch my summer/winter closets. Oh, and go to Jazzercise and get a mani-pedi. Sometimes rewards get all mixed up with excuses.

There’s something to reading in large time increments. It helps me feel the story better.  I don’t have to constantly “find” it.

What about you? Do you have something to add?

It’s all better with friends.

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